Why was I punished?

For information regarding a punishment occurred, visit the Killzone Gaming SourceBans.

For the best results visit the Killzone Gaming Steam ID Finder and input your Steam URL or Steam ID in the field.

After entering in your Steam URL or Steam ID you will see SourceBans Lookup and SourceComms Lookup, click the corresponding links to view your Bans or Communications Blocks.

How do I appeal a punishment?

To make an appeal you need to sign up / sign in to the Killzone Gaming Forums. Once that is done, visit Appeals.

There is a Appeals Guide that can assist with the process.

How long will the appeal process take?

The appeal process can take anywhere up to 1-2 weeks depending on the availability of the staff team reviewing it.

Who will review my appeal?

The staff team that reviews the appeals is the Head Administrator's and Manager's of the server group you are appealing for.

However, the Management team might also be involved.

Why was I banned for Duplicate account?

Duplicate account bans occur because your IP Address is linked to a banned user.

If you have a VPN active, disabling the VPN should remove the ban.

If this does not resolve your issue, you will need to make an appeal.

How do I appeal a punishment less than a week?

Punishments less than a week can be resolved through a CS:GO Support ticket.

After a conclusion is reached, you may need to create an appeal.

My appeal was denied, what do I do now?

All denied appeals must wait 3 months before making a new appeal (or until the punishment expires). If new evidence is provided AFTER an appeal is denied, it will NOT be taken into consideration until the next appeal.

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