What servers does Killzone Gaming have?

To view our servers, head over to #servers in our Community Discord.

Alternatively, you can also check out the Servers page on our Forums.

I can't find a server, what do I do?

Sometimes after a CS:GO update, our servers will go down for a period of time. If a server is not up within 6 hours of an update reach out in our Community Discord.

Please keep an eye on #announcements in our Community Discord.

A server is not working as intended, what do I do?

Please use !calladmin or !report in game if it's related to a map issue (not changing). Otherwise, make a CS:GO Support ticket.

I purchased a Skill Surf Private Server, what now?

Please make a Private Surf Support ticket. Although private servers are prioritized, any critcal bugs will be resolved first to ensure the server can run smoothly.

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