Killzone Gaming Servers

Killzone Gaming hosts a wide variety of CS:GO community servers for its community and players around the globe!

Skill Surf

Skill Surf combines speed and strategy on custom maps made especially for the skill surf category, using movement based skills to get from the start of the map to the end as fast as possible. Compete with your friends and others in our huge community for the fastest times, or give yourself a challenge with some of our higher tier maps ranging from Tier 1 (beginner maps) all the way to Tier 8 (expert maps).

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Are there any CSGO players out there who are tired of getting matched with a bunch of newbies that can't even hit a shot? Well we've got something for you! These servers were made by people who have been playing the game for years and know what it takes to rank up.

| 1v1 Arena | AWP | Casual Competitive | Retakes | Retakes Executes |


Most CS:GO players believe the fastest you can run is when you're holding a knife. While that is theoretically correct, you can go even quicker while bunny hopping. Bunny hopping refers to the act of jumping again while you're just about the land from a jump.

| BHOP |

Combat Surf

Combat Surf is the ultimate showdown of talent in CS:GO, requiring both mastery of aiming and surfing to excel.

For real though, Combat Surf can be a super fun way to get a bit of surfing and aiming into your gameplay at the same time. Come and join to see a bunch of maps that you wouldn't normally see on a skill surf server, and to enjoy the awesome feeling of flying around and hitting shots with no spread!

| Combat Surf |

Fun and Misc

Alongside of our main 3 catergories of game modes, Killzone Gaming hosts unique game modes such as Fun Mod which consists of highly modified game mechanics such as speed boost and throwing kinfes to name a few. Killzone Gaming also host a Minigames game mode which consists of different fun and skilled based obstacles.

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