How to join the Discord?

Simply go to https://kzg.gg/discord

What are the Discord Rules?

A full set of the discord rules can be found here.

How do I sync my Discord?

To sync your Discord account visit the Discord Settings section under your Forums Account settings.

Why should I sync my Discord?

Syncing your Discord gives you extra features such as;

  • Embeds
  • Posting URL's
  • Being able to share you screen
  • Turning on your camera

to list a few.

Server Boosting

Why should I boost the Discord?

All [KZG] Killzone Gaming Discord Server Boosters* will receive Premium for the duration they are boosting.

If there is over 30 Server Boosts Premium will not be given to any new Server Boosters.

How do I boost the Discord?

To boost [KZG] Killzone Gaming, simply click on the Discord server name (at the top of the app / site) when viewing a channel within the Discord and then click Server Boost.

I've boosted the Discord, how do I receive my Premium?

Thank you for boosting our server! To receive your in-game perks, please make a Nitro Support Ticket in #priority-support


I got a DM from a bot?

Killzone Gaming uses the following bots on their Community Discord. If you got a DM from a different bot please report it in #support.

| Apollo#5552 | Activities#3305 | Booster Bot#3521 | counting#5250 | DISBOARD#2760 | Dyno#1390 | FredBoat♪♪#7284 | killzone.gg#2491 | killzone.gg#5731 |
| KZG | Forums#5766 | KZG | Level Master#4819 | KZG | Music Man#6488 | KZG | Utilities#1942 | Stabot#3472 |
| Ticket Tool#6207 | Top.gg#8005 | UnbelievaBoat#1046 | Wick#4943 |

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