BHOP Commands

VIP Commands

NEW - /ve - Creates a vote to extend the map.
NEW - /tagteam - Creates a team for the TagTeam style.

Standard Commands

/b or /bonus - Changes the track to bonus.
/nextmap - Shows the nextmap.
/nominate - Opens the map nomination menu.
/r or /restart - Restarts the run.
/style - Opens the style menu.
/timeleft - Shows the timeleft.
NEW - /fjt - Enables First Jump Tick information.
NEW - /playtime - Shows how much grass a player touches.
NEW - /setspawn - Set Spawn for !restart
REWORKED - /ssj - Opens the SSJ menu.

Misc Commands

NEW - /chatrank - View a menu of the attainable chat ranks.
NEW - /checkpoints - Opens the checkpoints menu.
NEW - /goto - Opens player teleport menu.
NEW - /music - Opens Sound menu.
NEW -/paint - Opens the Paint menu.
REWORKED - /pause - Pauses the run.
REWORKED - /practice - Toggles noclip.

Style Commands

General Style Commands

/style - Opens the Style menu..
/normal - Changes style to Normal.
/scroll - Changes style to Scroll.
/sideways - Changes style to Sideways.
/hsw - Changes style to Half-Sideways.
/wonly - Changes style to W-Only.
/thirdperson - Changes style to Thirdperson.
/easy - Changes style to Easy.
/glitcher - Changes style to Glitcher.
/shifter - Changes style to Shifter.
/aonly - Changes style to A-Only.
/forcewa - Changes style to ForceWA.
/forcewd - Changes style to ForceWD.
NEW - /segmented - Changes style to Segmented.
NEW - /speedrun - Changes style to Speedrun.

Tag Team Commands

NEW - /tagteam - Creates a team for the TagTeam style.
NEW - /tcp - Opens the TagTeam Menu.

TAS Commands

NEW - /tasmenu - Opens the TAS settings menu.
REWORKED - /tas - Changes style to TAS (Tool Assisted Speedrun).

Rocket Jump Commands

NEW - /rj - Changes style to Rocket Jump.
NEW - /rjs or /rjsettings - Opens the Rocket Jump Settings.

Challenge Commands

NEW - /challenge - Allows you to start a race against others.
NEW - /abort - Aborts your current challenge.

Night Vison Commands

NEW - /nv - Toggles Night Vision mode.
NEW - /nvs - Opens Night Vision settings.

Record Commands

NEW - /bwr[STYLE] [MAP NAME] - Views bonus records of the desired map, [STYLE] & [MAP NAME] are optional.
NEW - /p - Shows the players profile. (Alternatively via console sm_profile)
NEW - /ssjtop - Opens the SSJ leaderboard.
NEW -/pb - View a player's time on a specific map. (Alternatively via console sm_pb)
REWORKED - /replay - Opens the replay menu.
REWORKED - /wr[STYLE] [MAP NAME] - Views records of the desired map, [STYLE] & [MAP NAME] are optional.

HUD Commands

NEW - /center - Toggles center text HUD.
NEW - /hud - Opens the HUD settings menu.
NEW - /jhud - Opens the JHUD main menu.
NEW - /master - Toggles HUD.
NEW - /strafetrainer - Enables the strafetrainer HUD.
REWORKED - /showkeys - Toggles key display.

Hide Commands

REWORKED - /hide - Toggles hiding players.
NEW - /hidewep - Toggles weapon hiding.

Trigger & Brush Commands

/showclips - Shows player clip brushes.
REWORKED - /st or /showtriggers - Toggles brush visibility.
REWORKED - /sts or /showtriggersettings - Toggles settings menu to choose which triggers display

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