Combat Surf Change Log

TBD - Combat Surf Revamp

General server changes

  • Fixed hitreg.
  • Fixed FOV changing.
  • Added customisable hitsounds.
  • Added !showmykeys and !showkeys to see the key presses of yourself or someone you are spectating.
  • Fixed Server rates to reflect the correct values for 102.4 tick.

Map changes

  • surf_10x_reloaded swapped to the good version with shootable jail button and tele that can be entered from the back.
  • surf_dust2_2014_gg jail speed increased, and fixed bug that would sometimes leave players in the void when falling into jail.
  • surf_ski_2_tsr added, with all bugs fixed.
  • surf_skyworld swapped to good version with smooth ramps.
  • surf_banocanyon added.
  • surf_mai_remix added.
  • surf_mastermind added.
  • surf_bigramp removed.